It all started with a willow tree…

When my family and I planted it, I was eleven years old and the tree was the same height as me. Standing next to the sapling, I told my parents that one day, I would be married underneath it.

Twenty years later, my husband and I married beneath its picturesque branches. It was the most magical day of my life and reflected my husband and I as a couple perfectly. We planned each detail together very carefully and took great joy in making it more like a party than a scripted event.

My approach to event planning is similar. I am interested in facilitating your personal vision in a meaningful way. I understand that each person, each couple, is different, and your event should reflect your unique experiences.

You should also know that my path to event planning was very personal. Growing up, my parents were - and still are - the ultimate hosts, infusing beauty, creativity, and love in to each detail from the moment guests walk through the door. Above all, my family taught me how to make others feel at ease and welcomed at an event. From this creative home I went on to pursue vocal performance at the Eastman School of Music and continued as a freelance performer in New York City. From the theater I bring an understanding of process and preparation necessary to make events run smoothly. Auditioning made me self-motivated and highly organized.

Alongside performing, I worked for 4 years as the New York Showroom Concierge and Front Desk Coordinator at Herman Miller. I was surrounded by beautiful design and had the opportunity to plan corporate events hosting some of the top design firms in NYC. Herman Miller rounded out my knowledge with an eye for design and attention to detail. An event can’t run smoothly without someone managing the details. When it comes to your events, I will juggle the overwhelming details, so that you don’t have to.

With each taste of event planning I came to love it even more, which led me here, helping others plan their special events. Truly it would be my pleasure to use my experience to help you create a stress-free wedding day that reflects you individually and as a couple.

Gillian Weeks, Owner  Photo by Sarah Bode-Clark

Gillian Weeks, Owner

Photo by Sarah Bode-Clark

Any worry or concern we had she handled with the perfect combination of professionalism and kindness…
— Janel, Bride