Storybook Baby Shower

Willow Weddings and Events LOVES Baby Showers! Lauren didn't know if she was having a girl or a boy, so in an effort to keep things neutral, we went with a Storybook Theme.

The invitations requested that guests were asked to submit a digital baby photo of themselves for the BabyFace guessing game! 

The how to:
Once you have all of the guests photos collected, have them printed and number them in the corner. I opted to have them scattered about in groups clothes pinned to a ribbon. I recommend having it set up when guests arrive. If done so, the game serves as a great ice breaker in the event not everyone knows each other. They naturally begin making introductions and chatting because they are trying to figure out who's who! Have paper and writing utensils available for their use. Whoever matches the most BabyFaces WINS!

Guess who??

Guests enjoyed yummy storybook themed food from "Peter Rabbit" to "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs" and More!

Guests also played a game of Memory!

The how to:
In preparation for the party, fill a try full of theme appropriate items and keep out of sight!
When is comes time to play the game, pass out a blank sheet of paper and a writing utensil to your guests.  Place the tray in the middle of the group for 15 seconds and immediately take it away out of view. At that time, you ask guests to write down as many items as they can remember - bonus points for more specifics! The guest with the most correct items on their list wins!

We also played a game of "Name that Storybook" based on a given quote.  Can YOU name the storybooks that belong to these quotes??? 

"Real isn't how you are made...its a thing that happens to you."
"In the light of the moon a little egg lay on a leaf."
"I love you right up to the moon - and back"

***see answers below :)***

Themed game prizes are always a plus!
For our winners: Library book zip pouch and socks by Out of Print

In lieu of a formal guest book, we asked guests to sign this Golden Book for Mommy!

Finally, for the commute home, we offered themed snack pack favors...

Wild Rumpus Trail Mix
Lowly Gummy Worms
Charlie's Chocolate Bars
Red Fish, Blue Fish, Chedder Fish!

What we love especially about this theme is it has so many opportunities for variation! 

Oh! Wondering what the answers were to the Storybook quotes?

Velveteen Rabbit
The Very Hungry Catapiller
Guess How Much I Love You